5-convenio-vida-digna-2In the run-up to the UN Conference of Climate Change (COP21) in Paris, Bolivia has been participating in the international negotiations, developing and promoting an alternative position called (“Vivir bien”—“To live well in harmony and balance with Mother Nature”) Creating a space for analysis and reflection on the challenges of global climate agenda and Bolivia’s climate agenda, 60 college students from different universities and departments, such as Biology, Law, Environmental Engineering and Sociology met in the Casablanca Café in Cochabamba to hold a “Coffee for the Climate”

Universities and partner institutions of the region supported the event, which was organized by the Latin American Climate Platform (PCL) and Natura. Participants were promoting a civil society role, particularly from the youth, in discussion of the climate change international negotiations. The event organizers will develop a document about the event’s conclusions to share it with regional and national authorities to help propel the development and implementation of public politics on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

We, the youth, must become leaders in environmental topics, because we are an important sector in the society. We must demand and propose public policies and initiatives in favor of Mother Nature” highlighted one of the students.