Who we are

Natura Foundation Bolivia was created in 2003 with the aim of developing biodiversity conservation actions and natural resources sustainable management, and thus contribute to improve the quality of life of the Bolivian population. Our main objective is to help communities to protect their water through the conservation of their forests. We accomplish that objective by implementing Reciprocal Water Agreements (RWA), that consolidates local institutions that are supporting and implementing conservation actions in favor of the upstream water factories of the Tropical Andes. Nowadays, the RWA are being implemented in over 70 municipalities of Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador and Colombia, and around 200,000 water users are contributing to the conservation of watersheds through agreements that benefiting over 4,000 families that are receiving productive initiatives and incentives in exchange of conserving aroung 200,000 ha of water producing forests.

This has been accomplished in partnership with local stakeholders such as municipalities, water cooperatives, irrigators associations, private institutions and international cooperation.

Finally, we are a pioneer institution in implementing agreements for forests conservation and developing evaluation mechanisms to assess these agreements effectiveness in the conservation and development world, and for that reason we have received different international awards.